[H] Returning player looking to get into Mythic content

I took a break from BFA after feeling a bit burned out with the content, this combined with a very busy semester and my guild disintegrating leaves me in my current predicament. I play a Blood Elf Warlock (120), and at the time I was doing some lower level Mythic content and raiding. As I now have a lot more free time, I’d like to become more serious in my WoW game play and play at a higher level. I’m fully willing to transfer servers, respec/reroll my character. I also have a 120 Blood DK (although I’m not sure how good that is anymore) which I had some experience tanking with. Anyone willing to take a rusty player like myself I’d be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there Mattorqueek!

My guild, Ferk, is a 3/12M / 12/12H Raiding guild. We raid: Tue 8:00-10:30 Wed+Thur 7:30-10:30pm EST.

If those times and days work for you please contact me on discord: Soleios#0001
So that we can discuss further :slight_smile:

We’re a returning mythic guild getting back into this tier [H] Returning weekend guild lfm 9/12H

Warlock you say?
I’d love to chat. Catch up isn’t hard =)

</Ninja Kittenz/> is a fun, active guild with Mythic focus that would love to add more solid ranged to our team. We’re specifically looking for players who like progress without the elitist attitude. We pride ourselves in being active on and off raid times and are hoping for players who will do the same.

Raid Times:
Tues+Thurs 8-11pm EST

11/12H Nya // 3/8M, 8/8H

We also run Mythic Keys every day.
We run an M+ community through our disc - join our discord, try us!

B-net: Saxx#1747
Disc: Abs#5438


Thank you everyone for all the responses! I realized after posting I posted on the wrong character, so here’s my warlock “Main”: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/kiljaeden/halmoren

To be clear, I last played (consistently) around before patch 8.1, so I am rather rusty. Although this is the case, I’m fully willing to put the time in to get to at least an average level of play.

Hey, I’m the GM of Inept on Area 52, we raid tues/thur 8-11pm EST. IF this seems like a fit for you hit me up. My B-tag is hotwire#1564

Have a good one!!

Hello, we are recruiting:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Friday and Saturday, 11:00pm-1:30am PST

kvncnh#1922 (Officer) [ Discord preferred: kvncnh#9847 ]

Hey there! Floor PoV on Thrall might be the right fit for you.

[US][H] 12/12H Recruiting RDPS/Healers for Mythic Prog and M+ Enthusiasts

<Floor PoV> 12/12H Semi-Hardcore Guild that recently reformed is looking to recruit as we prepare to begin mythic progression. Our guild is a small, tight-knit group of friends that have pushed the highest content in WoW with each other since Wrath, having taken a break from hardcore raiding since Legion ended. We are CE-oriented, but we also recognize that our personal lives are our first priority. That being said, we are looking to begin our mythic progression with a two day schedule for raiding. The times will be Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30 EST. Pulls start at exactly 8:30, so we expect our raiders to come fully prepared (enchants, gems, food) and ready for invite 15 minutes before pull. We will provide cauldrons and repairs.

Currently, we are primarily looking for:


Mage, Lock (High)

Ele Sham, BM Hunter, Spriest (Medium)

Boomy (Low)


Full, but exceptional DPS are welcome to apply (or just be a part of the community!)


Resto Sham, Disc Priest (High)

If your class/spec did not make the list, please don’t let that discourage you from reaching out; we’ll see if there’s a potential fit!

Qualities we are looking for:

Attendance: We understand things happen, but in order for us to succeed, we need all of our members to be reliably present.

Effort: This goes towards researching your class and the encounter, coming prepared, and just making an effort to fix mistakes.

Attitude: Wipes will happen. Repeated failure of mechanics is no excuse to lash out at other raid members. This is not an environment where we let people get away with toxicity. That being said, we’re here to push high-end content and raiders have to be able to take constructive feedback (raid leaders are no exception).

We also enjoy pushing high keys; several of our core raiders have Season 4 IO’s ranging from 2-2.5k. If you’re not sure about mythic raiding but want a small guild to push keys with, you are welcome as well!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or if you have any questions, contact Badfaith#11470 (bnet) or Goldlink#4417 (discord).

Hello - Fallen Empire on Mal’ganis is looking to push back into mythic for 8.3 and we really need a warlock. We also have quite a few people like yourself who either are just returning to the game or haven’t done CE-level progression before. If you’d like to trial with a CE core then hit me up; I’ve posted our spam below - Wek

Fallen Empire is a formerly CE guild from Thunderhorn with over 12 years of raid experience looking to make a comeback on Mal’ganis. We’re a two night, six hour guild so personal accountability, motivation, and focus are key for success. We’re recruiting for all roles with a big focus on ranged dps. Must have AOTC at a minimum.

We’re a semi-hardcore group of friends looking to have fun while progressing at a serious pace. This is a game and you should have fun playing it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That said, we want to clear the tier in time, so we expect you to be able to take constructive criticism and to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

Interested? Looking to start mythic progression by Tues March 10 . Will be holding heroic tryout runs on Tues Mar 3 and Wed Mar 4 - show us what you can do!

Currently 12/12H Nya. Haven’t had enough people to do mythic on T-horn. History during BFA: Uldir 8/8 CE, BoD 9/9 CE, EP 6/8.

Raid times: T/W 9-12 PM EST

Contact Wek at Dr. Wek#1632 (discord) or Slayna#1159 (bnet).