[H] Returning Player LF guild


I have previous hardcore to semi-hardcore raid on a Hunter / Warlock since Vanilla. I quit playing after a guild breakup during Uldir.
However, I am switching to Ret Paladin main, with Holy off-spec.
I am currently 364 ilvl @ 28 azerite neck.

Please leave a post here or add me on bnet @ Zujien#1524 to discuss more.


(Absolution) #2

Hiya, Zuj!
I would love to talk with you.
To Punish and Enslave is looking for more dps for our raid team. We may be what you’re looking for - we’re a social yet progressive raiding atmosphere with non-heroic nights to help you learn fights and gear up!

Here’s a snapshot about us:

Currently 2/9 heroic, 9/9 normal and looking for more active and skilled raiders to add to our roster. We are twice a week raiding (Mon for regular runs, Tues/Thurs for progression/heroic runs); progression with a true feeling of community; constant M+ spam; and more!

I hope we can chat; cheers!

(Kyrenah) #3

Hey there Zuj!

If you’re okay transferring, we think Guildy as Charged (Ravencrest - Alliance) might be a good fit for you! We are a casual guild that focuses more on an enjoyable raid than hard-core progress. We are comprised mostly of close friends met both online and in real life and we’re a close team because of it. We normally raid heroic on Friday at 5pm CST and we raid normal or do mythic dungeons on Saturday at 2pm CST. We were U8/8 normal and U6/8 heroic, and are currently BoD7/9 N. It’s our goal to slowly work through heroic in time, but we don’t plan to push it too much past a stage that is enjoyable. When we aren’t raiding we do a lot of mythics, low character levelling and legacy/mount runs as a team. We spend a lot of time with each other in discord outside of raids and we are looking for people who would really love to get involved in that too. We are currently looking for some good DPS to fill our team. Our guild is mostly run through discord as we have people from lots of different servers so I ask that if you were to join you’d join our discord too. We would love to have you to trial with us and while we do accept people from different servers we would much rather you eventually transfer or at the very least have a high-level alt with us.

Feel free to message either of our GMs at Reyene#1683 or ArtyWolf#1209.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Guildy <3