[H] Returning Player LF Guild

Like the title says, I’m returning to World of Warcraft. I’m played solid from Wrath to Mist. Played end game content during that time. Came back in Legion raised end game then to got to 120 and quit. Well now I’m back gearing my main (346 Unholy Death Knight) grinding to get back to endgame raiding. Just Looking for a solid team to enjoy and push endgame with.

Hey Mactodd! Here at Haven, we could be a fit for you! We are an adult oriented guild that considers each other family and just loves slaying pixels together. We laugh, poke fun at each other and get the job done all at the same time =P

We are 9/9H and only dabble in mythic if there are enough people interested. We don’t go hard at it, we are AOTC driven. Most of us have been playing together for years, some since BC days. We are long established and all just love playing together.

Raid times: Tues-Thurs, 10pm-1230am EST. When the last boss on heroic dies, we drop down to Tues-Weds for farm (which is our current schedule).

Current needs: 1 tank with a strong dps OS, 1 heal and DPS primarily. We have 0 warriors or rogues and quite a few locks and mages at the moment :slight_smile: We are always happy to welcome DPS with tank/heal offspecs in those weird attendance situations.

Feel free to hit us up (bnet: Raychacha#1790) if you are interested in joining not just a raid group, but a group of people that consider themselves family

Mactodd! Message me I’d love to chat with you. My guild needs a dps DK. We raid sat/sun 8-11pm. With a tight schedule we run a very strong raid and will be killing mythic content very frequently. We’re 9/9h 1/9m with Grong and possibly Jadefire dying this week. Message me for more info!


[H]Its Bloodlust Not Hero is an adult(21+) guild on Stormrage. We are a Heroic Raiding guild (AOTC) We raid Fri/Sat, 8-11 pm Eastern. We are a pretty consistent group, some of whom have been playing together since Wrath. We enjoy raiding and running mythic+ together in a LGBT friendly team atmosphere where we respect one another and expect everyone to strive to do their best. Due to real life hitting some members hard, and burnout, we are looking to expand our group with others who share our mindset.

We offer all members a repair allowance, and raiders also get enchants/gems for their raiding toons. Alts are welcome! Our goal is to provide a congenial atmosphere where the members work together as a team for the guild’s benefit, with both casual players and raiders contributing for the common good.

If this sounds like a guild that might interest you, add Tails#1421 to your friends list and we can chat.

Hi Mactodd! We are a newly formed horde guild Gods and Emperors on Hyjal looking to start up a raid team and build our guild. Raid times would be Friday and Saturday 8 to 11 eastern. During the rest of the week we love to chat in discord and help people level or gear up. If you are interested we would love to chat with you more. My contact info is Amberlina#1096 and BabyHawk #11988 :blush:

Hey Mac! We could use a dk on our team! Please hit me up if interested, take care :slight_smile:

<Hubris> [H] Late Semi Casual

Torrent on Bleeding Hollow (horde) is currently recruiting players for heroic BoD progression. Raid times are Tues/Thurs from 8:30-11 PM EST. Below I have a link to the guild recruitment to gather a little more information about us. Our guild community are players that are all 21+ with a lot of us playing since Vanilla WoW. We also have a close guild community active on discord and in game and will play with each other in other games.

If you are interested or would like to hear more about us, feel free to add me on battle net Lbeesaur#1961 and we can discuss more! I look forward to hearing from you.