[H] Returning Experienced Player LF Daytime Mythic+/Raiding Guild - US-Dalaran


I have been playing WoW since late Vanilla, with breaks in between, starting on EU servers and moved to the US and US servers. Now, I am located back in the EU with developed characters, of which I main a Demon Hunter. In my opinion, it is a waste of time and money to start over on EU servers as the characters cannot be transferred over. Hence why I am “stuck” and want to enjoy what I can.

My experience
I have experience with tanking, healing and DPS with the latter obtaining my preference (big surprise right?). However, tanking is next enjoyable and have done this in an active role for 3 years in previous guilds on Warrior, Paladin, Druid and Monk (with the first 3 since WoTLK and Monk since MoP).

Although I have very little experience as a DH tank (as you’ll see my character info later on), I am a fast learner of any class and role (no arrogance).

Currently I do not possess a healer at max level as the rest of my characters are at level 110 (and be honest, it can be tedious and boring leveling alts in BFA). The only other 120 I currently have is a (Fury) Warrior at approx ilvl 380.

Other raiding experiences stem from Wildstar and SWTOR in which I hold a World’s First in 16m content (I believe it was called Nightmare - Scum and Villainy)

I am looking for
A guild which I can call “home”, with emotionally mature adults, having fun. I enjoy progression, thus am looking for Mythic+ and Normal/HC/Mythic raiding progressions as well. I have patience during progression raids.

I can raid Monday through Thursday during the following time frames.

  • EDT: 1pm through 4pm
  • CDT: 12pm through 3pm
  • PDT: 10am through 1pm

My Character Info
Name: Corrective
Class: Demon Hunter
Role: DPS (Havoc)
Current iLvl: 410
Realm: US-Dalaran
Professions: Leatherworking, Skinning

Other info
Currently I am very active during all hours of my EU days however this will change in the nearby future to reflect the times of my availability to raid indicated above. Should this change, I’d inform the GM accordingly.

My add-ons include ElvUI, Details!, Power Auras Classic, and ye good olde DBM. io.Raider can be installed if desired.

My BT is Certificate#2154