[H] Resto Shammy looking for guild


Looking for an ACTIVE and FRIENDLY guild to join. Server does not matter too much though a pacific time server is preferred. Wanting a guild with active members that run mythics and raids (or will be running raids) and just some amazing and fun people to talk to.

If raid times set would would love ones with Monday raid times as those generally my days off so i can participate.

On Illidan right now but am 100% okay with transferring for the right guild :slight_smile:
Feel free to message me on discord with your guild information or post on here. Discord Vixey#7131


Ah it always auto posts as my druid for some reason lol! This is my shammy

(Shadowmooçow) #3

want to join my guild?


Can you tell me about it?


Epitaph would love to have you! We are rebuilding our raid team and mythic teams as well. We are currently looking for active players due to decrease of interest in game as of late. If you have any questions or need anything add me to battlenet Alikona#11551


Added you to ask some questions :slight_smile:


I see that you are looking for a Pacific Server, which we are not, but if you were willing to move past that, and our Fri / Sat raid times, we can do the Active and Friendly guild :slight_smile:

Server: US-Arygos/Llane
Schedule: Fri & Sat 7-10pm Eastern (Server)
Currently: Newly Formed

Melee: All (prefer: Monk, Warrior, Paladin)
Ranged: All (prefer: Warlock, Mage, Priest)
Healers: Full (Hybrids & Backups Welcome)
Tanks: Full (Hybrids & Backups Welcome)

Miscreants Arygos-Llane is a newly formed guild looking to recruit ACTIVE Motivated Players for multiple roles in our M+ and Raid progression.
Raid times will be Fri & Sat fr 7-10 P.M. Server

Discord ID: planeswalker94#8509


Are you available t/w/th 9pm-11 est? Those are our raid times. If it works for you add me necropoles#1464 bnet or cubfucious#8979 discord and we can chat more


We have a raid group that runs Th/M 7-10CST. We are flexible when it comes to adulting and have people who can only raid one night a week, so it’s all good. We are doing heroic progression in BOD, so as long as we have over 15 people, it doesn’t matter.

Contact: Pyxie#1733, Sataraa#1366

About us:
Guild: Prestige WorldWide
Server: Area 52
Faction: Horde
Server Time: EST

We are relaxed, but progressive. We talk trash, but not on bosses. It’s great if you parse well, but not at the expense of mechanics. We are environment first, but do not carry. We are not family friendly, but we are a family. We are an adult-only guild full of silly twisted @$$h*l3s. (props if you can read that!).

If you’re not scared away, add me on BNET (Pyxie#1733) and we’ll drag you into discord to chat. We never ask people to transfer without trying us out for a while. :slight_smile:


Hello Manati! :heart:

[A] Snip Snip is a casual guild rebuilding their ranks and we’d love to have you join our membership. We’ll treat you with respect and kindness (a rarity nowadays)!

Since 2007, Snip Snip has been know as an active, social guild who dabbled in raiding, leveling, and laughing along the way. Yea, all that is going to stay the same except we’re going to do it with a little more style. (I’m not sure if that means cursive or not)…

We’re going to farm more delightful rare mounts, tame or commandeer exotic pets, start RBG’s groups rolling, begin mythic raiding all while having a positive, respectful environment so everyone can enjoy this game (this is our escape from our RL). Oh yea, did I mention we’re going to goof off a lot?

In the same Snip Snip spirit, we’ll do hide-and-seek events, lotteries, raffles, and anything else our creative minds can muster. Interested? PST in game for an invite (you know you’re curious).

Hope to hear from you soon! :blush: Welcome Home!

Adorapine #1749