[H] Resto Druid looking for new home

Looking to xfer off of Skeram to a new server. Looking for a guild that raids after 9PM Central(7PM PST).

I haven’t played much since BWL due to real life issues, but my gear is probably considered adequate. Starting to look here on Whitemane given the population and faction balance.

A little bit about me as a player. The most important aspect to me is the people you play with, clear times mean nothing if you don’t enjoy the company. I’m looking for a grp of people that enjoy sitting down and clearing content with friends. I am always willing to help out guild mates with content such as attunements and quests. I helped farm arcane crystals in DME for two thunderfurys in my last guild, along with countless HoJs, SGC and resist gear.

You can message me in game on Skeram, in discord: Teutorigos#2063 or leave a response here.

Go anywhere but . Their guild master is a crook and a swindler. He tried to sell their guild bank for a guaranteed raid spot on a pro roster.

Hey there!

I’ve been leading The Opposition with my husband since 2010. We are retail players that came back to classic with a small group of officers to build a community of gamers that like one another and build friendships while playing Classic Wow.

The Opposition is 11/15 Naxx. We are pushing for 12/15 this week which likely will happen. We are not a speed clearing guild. We help one another out with consumes and we have a discord that runs every raid encounter each week.

I’d invite you to check us out. We also have plans in the works for pve and pvp in TBC if it launches as well after Classic.

Main Raids: Friday/Saturday - 7pm (pacific time) - 10pm (pacific time)

Monday night- MC gdkp 7pm or so.
Tuesday/Thursday- 20 man content- 6pm
Wednesday- BWL
Sunday- AQ40 gdkp

Message me on Discord: Heekster#0350

Check us out on the web at Opposition Gamers .com

We’d love to have you!