(H) Resto Druid LF Raid Team

Looking for a Heroic raid team, willing to dabble into mythic but I’m not looking for a second job. Also I don’t plan to leave my current guild, we just can’t seem to put a raid team together.

I’ve been playing since the beginning of the xpac, I main a resto druid (441 ilvl) abut I do have a 435 ilvl MW Monk, and a 423 Disc priest (still getting the hang of this one but I have 420 holy set as well). The druid can DPS but it’s not preferred.

I’m looking for a fun group to go through the raid with. Thursdays & Fridays work best, no sooner then 6 pm PST on those days, any other day is no sooner the 8 pm PST. I’m hoping for no more then 2 days a week.

Feel free to contact me bnet tag: Vin#12877