[H] resto druid lf Mythic Raiding Guild

[H][US][Hyjal] - Willing to transfer to any active server.

Hey there,

I’m looking for an active raiding and M+ guild. Preferably raiding 2-3 nights a week starting after 6pm PST. I play a resto druid with a current ilvl of 466, Neck is 82, cloak is r9. Just started playing again so catching up as quick as possible. I have previous raid experience posted below. I mostly spend my time running M+ as I don’t have a Mythic raid team yet (and I find it enjoyable). I find myself with extra time on my hands, thanks corona… Looking to get back into the progression raid scene and feel a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie.

I’m looking for a guild that I can progress with while also having fun. Been playing this game too long to deal with ragers, yellers, drama etc. I want to like the people I’m spending hours a week with.

I always want to get better so a guild that is willing to help someone improve when they mess up, rather than tear them down is important to me

Raiding Experience:

  • BC all raids cleared while relevant
  • WoTLK All content cleared including all hard modes while relevant.
  • Cata BWD, BOT, & DS cleared on heroic while still relevant
  • MOP and WOD didn’t play
  • Legion EN 7/7M CE, TOV & ATBT AOTC.
  • BFA Uldir, BOD, AOTC, Ny’alotha 7/12H

M+ Experience:

  • Legion 2.8k

  • BFA 1.8k (and rising)

my raider io - Kayak - Hyjal

Unfortunately I don’t have any logs as I haven’t needed them while pugging.

Outside of the game I’m a late 20s Canadian living in the Pacific North West.

Respond here, or message me in game Bnet is Tavan#1460

Hey Kayak! I need exactly one healer for my mythic raid team! Most of us are also in the Pacific Northwest and are old enough to not take ourselves seriously enough to rage. I sent you a bnet request, hope to chat!