[H] <Residue-Zuljin> 9/10m 2 day 7 hour recruiting

Residue-Zul’jin is currently opening recruitment for competitive core positions.

Raid times are Tu/We 830pm - 12am EST.

Trial periods normally last 2 weeks~ and it is encouraged to have 3 in-guild recommendations from core players before your trial has ended. These recommendations incentivize synergy/community and also give us a feel for if you fit with our environment.

About Us
We had a late start on progression this tier due to various issues, but with the roster starting to develop, we are looking to make a more serious push for 9.1. We are interested in competitive players who wish to improve their gameplay in and out of raid. Our group is composed of varying personalities and professions but all come together with the sole purpose of crushing progress at a semi-hardcore level while simultaneously enjoying the people we play with. There is a zero racism policy and we are advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are competitive, want to improve your gameplay to the highest level, and enjoy warm community, this may be the environment for you.

With the late start on progression this tier, CE is our goal. As the roster continues to strengthen, we believe a top 200-300 US push will be very realistic going into 9.1. Beyond that, we will continue to build our roster and environment with aspirations of competing for HoF. We are looking for individuals who share this desire.

Please reach out to our GM, KeyItems#1567 on discord/bnet.
Reach out to me, our vibe guy:
+++#3525 - discord


Raid times are Tu/We 830pm - 12am EST.

Great atmosphere!

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The best atmosphere of any guild I have ever raided with and I have played this game a very long time. We get the kills quickly and have an amazing time doing so.

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still looking!

Best Guild, Super happy.

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still looking for exceptional players!

looking for likeminded bangers <3

still looking <3

any pumpers for sludge?

Still actively recruiting for an exceptional resto shaman and DKs <3

we want SLG SLG SLG !

Daddy D pls :slight_smile: