[H] Relapse recruitment is now Open

Introducing Relapse, an experienced raiding guild with a laid back atmosphere who is currently recruiting level 60’s to fill our core raiding slots for MC / Ony / BWL, and other level 55+ members for running non-raid endgame content. Our raid times are 7pm to 10pm server time on Wednesday and Thursdays. 21+ guild only. We are seeking mature members that are like minded and know when to have fun or buckle down for progression fights.

Current Progression - MC: 10 / 10 Ony: 1/1 sense 10/17/2019 full clear every week to current. BWL currently in progression.

Classes that we are in need of currently:
Shadow Priest - Closed
Healing Priest - 1 Open Slot - Need to fill ASAP! : 2/12/2020
Mages - Closed
Hunters - Closed
Resto Druids - Closed
Warlocks - Closed
Warriors - Closed
Rogues - Closed
Resto Shamans - 1 Pending Core Slot : 02/12/2020

Please Contact Kydo, Zidane, Saicere, or any member to get ahold of an officer in game for more info. Please contact us right away with serious inquiries only. Last updated on 02 / 12 / 2020

Hey come join this Dumpster fire and heal with me.

Also as a side note our guild is currently seeking new members to fill out our Sunday raid team in MC/Ony full clears @ 7pm to 10pm server time.