[H] Redwood Tribes RP-PVP

The moon shines down upon Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane as she contemplates the tribe, their direction, and why all these tribes decided to unite under one banner, to fight as one, to defeat our enemies, and to bring VICTORY for the HORDE!

Our Warchief is depending upon Redwood Tribes to bring honor to the Horde, rise up against our enemies, and those that stand in our way will either walk with us or be crushed. The Horde needs us, needs all those in Kalimdor to fight against our common enemies.

Rise up Redwood! Be strong, Be Proud, and let us Defend Kalimdor against any and all who would try to challenge Redwood Tribes and the Horde!

(GM) - position is filled - Ayashe Brightmane
(asst GM - Earthen Ring Advisor) Okwaho Skyseer
3 Councilors:
Shu’halo: Nowta Firetotem Troll: Gin’Jojo Orc: Suragosh Foreblade

If you are not familiar with Redwood Tribe on Emerald Dream check out: www.redwoodgaming.com along with an online newspaper covering events on ED and Grobbuluswww.redwoodtimesonline.com

We run many open RP events on Grobbulus, Earthen Ring Escapades https://discord.gg/zfYG28r, co-hosting Tall Tales & Epic Fables, Redwood Ranks (PVP), Redwood Rewards (giving items/gifts to low level toons to assist in leveling) and bar nights.

What we do.

Here in the Tribes we are focusing on the relationship between the Kalimdor Races within the guild and without. It is not easy to take such disparate cultures and weave them together to take on the aggressiveness and disdain for life found in the Alliance! We prefer to make relations with other RP based guilds on the server and focus on community as well as individual story telling. Community is part of our overall function just as it is in the Tauren culture, where we originated the Tribes (Much of this guide will be from the Tauren viewpoint of how to bridge gaps between the Kalimdor races). Hoping to include as many as possible, our events are open to all who wish to join in with one exception. Our rank up system once a month is mainly for guild members only, though many have stopped to watch and interact when they see us in the world, but to rank up in guild, you have to be in Redwood :blush:. We RP first and foremost, PvP at the drop of a hat. Most other things take a back seat. We keep the calendar full which is kept on our guild website and a weekly schedule for all events is kept up on the Redwood Times:

PvP- “Redwood Ranks” on Friday Night is a set RP-PvP night. Every night there can be PvP and we will have events centered around dueling, as well! Some nights will be open PvP as you come upon it, and sometimes we will have set RP-PvP nights with rules about taking objectives, no rezzing, even numbers of combatants and will usually involve specific groups of Alliance. Even with the alliance (death to you all), it is important to show respect to those on the other side. There is nothing wrong with being competitive just as long as you keep it in the battlefield. We’re all here to have fun. And it is important to keep that respect with the other side to put on longer storylines that will shape our history and the history of Azeroth.

PvE – Always plenty of people to run content with and Raids will start when we have enough members that are level 60. This is not our main focus as a guild but will be needed for gear and other items.

Specialty Groups: Earthen Ring Escapades is a specialty cross-guild group for RP purposes that can have a component of PvP, PvE or D20 mixed in depending on the developing story. Anyone participating in the Earthen Ring can start up an Adventure and those who can join are welcome. Anyone wishing to build up a similar group based on an NPC group or develop a group they are interested in, is welcome to do so and we will support you fully!

Events: Besides Co-hosting Tall Tales & Epic Fables we are always looking to do more events and help others to create, promote, and maintain open server events.

Ranks: (Note: The rank names are used in the guild roster and reflect the name for the Tauren’s that pass the Rites of Passage. Orc and Troll ranks may differ as shown in TRP or member notes)

While this is not like the military as with other groups, we have ranks to show one’s status while with the tribe. These ranks are attained by completing various Rites of Passage, of which there are four. Each rite is done by catering to an individuals’ needs and the rank they are attempting to obtain to better themselves within the tribe. The higher up you go in guild, the harder it is to pass, and you may have to take a second one to progress due to more responsibility and expectations within the Tribes. You can only take Rites of Passage once a month and if the day/time chosen is bad, the leaders may fit a 2nd one in for the month.

This is a group activity!

Youngling/OOC - Achieved by joining the tribe, it’s a basic rank to everyone. People who want to try out the guild will do so in this rank. It does not offer much but company and conversation. It allows a person to get used to how things are run.

Initiate - You are a new member who is not quite a Tribesman. Though many of your actions are a bit restricted it is because they need to be. Currently cannot participate in Rites of Passage. This rank is achieved after doing an In-Character RP meeting with anyone with the rank of councilor to chieftain in the tribe. (Suragosh, Gin’jojo, Nowta, Okwaho, Torahate, Imm’gar and Ayashe).

Tribesman - After passing the first rite of passage into the tribe you are now a basic member. Benefits are given and you begin to have more say within the tribe as Tribesman. We take your voices and concerns more seriously.

Brave - A Tribesman must again prove themselves within a rite of passage. You find yourself elevated over the regular tribesman proving you are capable of not only taking care of yourself but others within the tribe or on the bluff. You are valued for all that you give.

Mystic and Honor Guard - As the most senior and tested among the tribe, you may choose your path. Accomplished by passing your last rite of passage, these individuals have proven themselves to be great assets. The Honor Guard of the chief are some of the fiercest and skilled braves known to the tribes. The Mystics have the knowledge and wisdom to guide the tribe in both times of strife and everyday occurrences. An honor to have.

Elder - A great status indeed. Obtaining the rank of Elder is the pinnacle of your life in the tribe. One becomes elder through strength and combat or through wisdom and intelligence. You carry a lot of weight with the initiates and it is an important position to teach them all that you have learned. Can run initiates and tribesmen through their rites of passage and answer the call others may have. Often able to know of notes made by the council and can bring up ideas for events. (Limit: 5)

Council - Chosen by the chieftain to lead their followers in both war and peace. They have control over doing any or all rites of passage, especially those who would be looking to become Honor Guards and Mystics. Their say has much sway even with the other elders of the tribe. They are able to create and organize events, as well as speak to the Chieftain about concerns for their members. They will find a title that reflects on their expertise and culture. (limit: 3)

Chieftain - Head of the entire tribe. the next chieftain is appointed by the previous one. Each chieftain brings something new as a dynamic towards the tribe either by creating new rules or ignoring old ones. However, the foundation is usually the same for any. They have control over the tribal store house, as well as being head of running the rites of passage for every area of these ranks.

Additional Notes:
-Classic and Retail – The Tribes is a bit different than The Tribe in retail in that we opened up to Orcs and Trolls based on a class need for higher level content. It has led to some interesting ideas for RP and why we are created. Classic is not just Retail’s past, it is looked upon as a slightly skewed alternate reality. We do not have to follow a path that eventually leads to the current version of The Tribe. That said, our code of conduct remains the same and the Earth Mother is #1.

-Events - Some nights we will have events in both retail and classic, however some of us enjoy both games/and people we interact with, so we are trying to get keep the overlapping to a minimum

-This is meant to be friendly. Tauren treat each other like family so anyone in this will do so accordingly. We have people who disagree with each other, but they work past their differences in order to make sure the tribe moves forward. Adding in Orcs and Trolls just mean more family, albeit they seem a bit strange.

  • TRP3 is our add-on of choice for RP

-Guild Chat is OOC talk, it’s a great way to communicate. Any speaking in person will be done in character unless ((example)) is used. IC in guild chat can happen, as well!

-We work with other RP guilds and we will treat them based on our current IC relation to them. OOC - Respect for all players should be a code of conduct to live by. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If there are others who would harass either report or we stampede them. (the latter being the more fun)

-Family. That is what we are in the end. Look out for each other no matter what even if we don’t like each other. We look out for each other because if one of us falls so does the entire tribe. Though all of us are different in each other’s eyes, we are the same in the eyes of the Earth Mother.

-Recruitment is usually done in character and online. If you can’t find any of us online, leave a message here and we will try to find you. Either look for the chieftain (Ayashe) or any other members to let the officers know of your interest in joining.

That is all. Good Journey to all of you. See you at the Bluff.


Honored Shu’halo, you have made the wrong choice. By siding with the invaders you will receive the vengeance of Elune. We once lived in peace, Kaldorei and Shu’halo but no longer.

You have been warned.


nods respectfully


I cannot in good faith approve of your settled allegiance. Siding with those savages may as well consign your race to a terrible fate to be suffered for generations.

We will show you the error of your ways. May our future battles be honorable.


I’m a zug zug now


We have already started our incursions into the area of Ashenvale! And our numbers swell, the Tribes grow! Ashenvale will fall to Redwood soon enough, as the Earth Mother guides us to victory.


OOC Testimonial: The Redwood Tribe are some of the kindest, funnest and most considerate folks to ever grace the RP-PVP servertype. Many of them are long-term tauren I’ve played with in other tauren-centric guilds for years, others I just happened to have the luck of meeting thanks to RWT. Their former chieftain on Retail was incredibly helpful and accomodating with my own tauren guild at the time as well!

Grobbulus is already full of great tauren-based guilds and Redwood is one of the chiefs among them. I would strongly recommend checking them out: you won’t be disappointed!


Walk with the earth mother and trust the spirits to guide you to your destiny. Many fine champions answered the call recently as we united the tribes and I will stand proudly to defend any of the tribesmen and tribeswomen that need it.


Redwood Tribes is still growing strong. We have over 140 members and ready for more.


10/10 tips well and pays their tab on time. Sorry the chairs in Booty Bay are too small for tauren.


We can stand for now and take our ale outside. Thanks the hospitality. :beers:


Okwaho awakens early, before Mu’sha gives way to An’she. He slips outside the tent and quietly eases his way to the central tent where the Shaman trainers sleep or sit in quiet contemplation.

From his pouch, Okwaho produces some slivers of some type of fruit or nut, one of the new initiates from Gin’jojo’s Trolls gave him called “coconut, it tast’ da best, mon”, and places it in a censer that sits next to an empty rug. Using his flint and tinder, Okwaho begins to burn the slivers, letting the scent take away the stress of the last quarter moon.

Everything that had happened begins to wash over him… The long trek from Thunder Bluff to Razor Hill, meeting with Gin’jojo and Suragosh Foreblade, the representatives of the Trolls and Orcs sent to establish relations with Nowta Firetotem and Chieftain Brightmane, the founding of the Tribes with so many witnesses present, the march to pledge to Warchief Thrall, a shaman Okwaho was hoping to impress someday, and then the bloodlust upon the crowd leading to an attack into Ashenvale.

From there it was Tall Tales & Epic Fables, meeting the renowned Chieftain Machik of Earthspear Clan, and reports of more skirmishes in the Barrens and Ashenvale that the new Chieftains were participating in… and then word of the humans increasing their numbers in Durotar! He had sent them a warning, it would be seen if they would take it.

And as the coconut began to take the stress away, Okwaho realized he was also waiting on word from the Earthen Ring and the issue of Stonetalon unrest.

He would need to find that new Troll tribe member and get more coconut…


The poor cows pile onto the pyre
fulfilling all my dark desires
and as they burn inside the fire
the crackling flesh grows steadily higher

the redwood tribe wants honor lost
to save them from my holocaust
but no one can redeem the plight
of vengence and the sickly blight
You all have been adequately warned
of vengece taking corporal form

So now the tribe must pay the price
for spurrning those whose flesh are ice
the plague will spread across your lands
and all you’ll have is empty hands

who claw at futile mortal vices
yet can’t fathom death’s devices
the redwood tribe will fade away
just as the sun sets into gray

for counting out the undead force
is a big mistake of course
the cows and orcs and trolls decide
the future of forsaken lives
and now the undead rise to see
a future forsaken and free


We Shu’halo respectfully decline your Forsaken fire ritual. While you are part of the horde, we will fight along side you to combat the incoming alliance. Afterwards, you may return to your Undercity.




The week lining up for Redwood Tribes:

Earthen Ring Escapades tue. 5pm
Run & Gun Wpvp thur 6pm against Starborne and Silverwind Enclave
The Battle for Ashenvale Sat. sept 14 6pm vs. Emerald Alliance, Starborne, Clan Hammersong with new friends (I will update their names tomorrow when confirmed)

And Sunday - The first Rites of Passage for our initiates, a private ritual for moving up in the Tribe. May the Earth Mother guide their steps and and their hearts.

Interested in joining us, seek us out in game, someone is always around :slight_smile:


What is happening around Grobbulus Friday Night?

I need some action and fun!

The Hordinators are having a scavenger hunt at 5pm server. I believe a few of our Redwood folks are participating.

See this post for more information Hordinators Scavenger Hunt

Nothing like seeing a group of big beefy Tauren warriors pushing in to your frontline. Always a good fight! /moo

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Redwood is proud to announce the first promtions in guild thanks to successful completion of one Rites of Passage.

Great job to our initiates, glad they had a great time, and looking forward to many new tribesmen before the month is out!

The journey has just begun and we have room for those interested to walk the path beside us.