[H] <Red Light District> 12/12M Nya, LF Healer/DPS Tu/Thurs 7-10:30pm PST

Still looking for DPS and Healers!

Bumping to the top

Still looking for that dank DPS

Bumping, but want to add something.

I x-ferred over from alliance after being recruited and it was worth joining this guild. Friendly, chill, and skilled players all across the board.

Bump! Still looking for a Warrior (fury) and hunters!

LF a juicy warrior/hunter DPS

Bumping to the top.

Hello, would you consider a BM Hunter 403 ilvl, with 2/9 Mythic BOD Experience?

Bumping again to the top, in search of 1 dps spot immediately.

Bumping to the top.

Mekka down, EZPZ.

Looking for DPS Hunter/Warrior and a Resto Shaman!

Still recruiting!

Blockade in our sights!

Jaina progression begins. We need those juicy dps.

Bump for recruitment purposes! :smiley:

Bump, making good progress on Jaina!

Still Looking for a Shaman + DPS.

Bumping for the dps

1st week M Jaina down to 57%