[H] <REASON> 8/9M BoD 2 Day is Recruiting DPS!

:smiley: bump because druids

Weekend group still needs dps!

Weekend group still needing more! Please apply or msg me if you have any questions!

just have a couple dps spots to fill now

Updated with new needs of weekday group

Bump it up! Still needing DPS for the weekend group!

Still looking!

Bump it up!

Keeping bumping!

El bumperino.

Just keep on bumping!

Join the guild, we’re awesome!

Also bump.

Weekend group still wants a tank!

Weekend group still needs a tank and R DPS!

Weekend group needs more friends!

just sent application for weekend group.


Weekend group needs more people!

Look at our weekend group! Come on and join!

401 ilvl Holy Paladin 9/9 heroic 1/9 mythic very interested. Btag#BrightHammer1117553
I’m on all the time whisper so we can chat.
I will be applying. Unless you guys are straight on healers.