[H-Rattlegore]<Swan Song> 11/11, 2/3 Recruiting

Our core is very active in heroics and pve content in general.
We have 3 Kara raids. 2 on Saturday (noon and 3pm PST) and one on Tuesday (5pm PST).
Gruul (and soon Mag) is Sunday 3pm PST.
We have plans to add one more raid day/cleanup day. Which will likely be Monday 5pm PST.

We are actively seeking players who are looking for a relaxed yet efficient raiding environment, people who can attend raids consistently, and people who ENJOY playing the game.

We have plans to progress through and conquer all content in TBC. Myself and other officers have experience raiding up to Sunwell in original TBC.

We have a solid core of 15 or so players and are supplemented with 8-10 very casual players. We would like to gain 10 more solid, reliable, players so that we can ramp things up and build momentum for phase 2.

We are currently doing SR for loot with plans in place to move to a proper loot system for phase 2.

All classes and specs will be considered. If you can consistently and reliably attend raids. You will find a spot on our team.

Message myself in game (Kilswift) or on discord kilswift#9338