[H] <QM> 2 teams! 3/9M Sun/Mon 7-11pm, 8/9H Tues/Wed 9-11pm EST

Questionable Morality of Skullcrusher, Black Dragonflight and Gul’dan is recruiting for our mythic and heroic raid teams. (The two teams raid on opposite nights so this an excellent opportunity for altoholics!)

First, the TL;DR:

Weekend // Mythic 2-day (8 hours)
3/9M, 2/2H
Sunday and Monday, 7PM - 11PM EST
LF ranged DPS, but could accommodate melee
Contact: Tthrack#1350 (BattleNet or Discord)

Weekday // Heroic 2-day (4 hours)
8/9H, 9/9N, 1/2H
Tuesday and Wednesday, 9PM - 11PM EST
LF DPS — bonus points if you’re a mage, hunter or ret paladin
Contact: Tthrack#1350 (BattleNet or Discord), Velkana#1155 (BattleNet) or Malice#7616

(The two teams share a RL but maintain separate rosters — apply for either, or both!)

About the Guild:

At its core, QM is a group of friends who have been exploring Azeroth together since the Wrath of the Lich King. The guild was founded during Cataclysm, with three goals in mind:

  • Raid with people we like.
  • Make steady progress with minimal raid time.
  • Enjoy the content without burning out.

Today, QM is home to two raid teams — both led by our 3/9M GM/RL, with significant collaborative input from raiders on both teams to determine which strategies work best for them.

About the Weekend Team:

The weekend team is focused on clearing heroic content quickly and pushing mythic progression for the majority of the raid tier. Our goal isn’t so much to achieve Cutting Edge as it is to continue to improve as a team by taking on some of the most challenging content in the game (and have fun doing it!)

We don’t demand perfection, but we do expect commitment. This is especially important because we don’t over-recruit to fill a bench, so we need everyone who earns a spot on the mythic team to commit to 80%+ attendance; keep current on key class, role and raid mechanics; and be receptive to constructive criticism, when offered.

If you’re looking to experience high-end raiding with a fun and supportive group of friends who believe that it’s possible to progress at a consistent rate while still valuing people over parses, this may be the mythic team for you.

About the Weekday Team:

The weekday team is more relaxed group that includes a handful of mythic raiders on their well-loved alts, as well as Internet and Real Life™ friends who have raided at a mythic level in the past, but for various reasons are looking to take a more casual approach to the end-game.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of an active raiding community but don’t have the time or inclination to commit to mythic progression, this team may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Recruiter: Velkana#1155 (BattleNet) or Malice#7616 (Discord)
GM/RL: Tthrack#1350 (BattleNet and Discord)

Still recruiting DPS for both teams! While ranged is highly preferred (especially for the mythic team), we could accommodate melee as well.

We had an excellent week last week with heroic Jaina and mythic Jadefire Masters down for the Sun/Mon team, and heroic Rastakhan for the Tues/Wed team.

Still LF DPS for both teams!

We’re looking to trial a couple of people for the Sun/Mon team tonight in a fresh heroic clear (7pm-11pm EST). Ranged DPS highly preferred, but we will consider melee as well.

WTB elemental shaman to pewpew lighting bolts… pst.

Still looking for ranged DPS for both teams!

LF rDPS for m!Opulence progression on Sun/Mon!

Updated for new progression!

Still looking! Opulence progression is fun!

Now 2/2N CoS and LFM!

Recruiting is still open! Highest priority to a healer for Tues/Wed and ranged DPS for Sun/Mon.

Cross-realm trials available this Sunday in heroic CoS!

Still looking!

Lima foxtrot mike!

Updated for new progression!