[H PvE / PvP] <Haven> Open Recruitment

Guild Name: Haven
Guild Type: Semi Hardcore PvE, PVP
Guild Faction: Horde
Raid Days/Times: Weekends.
Dedicated Dungeon Groups / Heroics : Daily in the Evenings / Latenight
Recruitment Contacts: @Lunabelle , @Khonarg, @Armistad

Classes/Specs Recruiting: All classes and levels are welcome.
(Would like to see 1-2 more Tanks & 1-2 Mages)

Current Progression: Gathering our numbers for raiding and catching up others for the various Attunements.

Loot System: TBD

Recruitment Requirements: Open minded; Teamwork; Competent approach to playing and gearing your raiding class; Collaboration from members; Kindness.

Note: Haven is a late night raiding guild with members who make the most of their personal game goals with dungeons, raiding and pvp.

This guild caters to the people who don’t work or live in the North America-east coast “9 to 5” timezones. We are proud to have members from the Oceanic, Asia, North and South America and Europe regions.

We’ve been playing together since March 2020, and during this time, we are proud to support the efforts for 2 Scarab Lords and 7 High Warlords as well as clearing most PVE raiding content up to Naxx (sometimes we were horde first).

With the Burning Crusade Classic, we want to play smart as we level to 70, do heroics and take on Karazhan, Gruuls and Magtheridon. We raid up to 8 hours per week and expect our members to come to our raids, prepared with consumables and knowledge of the encounter. We expect you to do your best, be a great guildmate and have fun.

If this sounds great to you and you want to know more information, please reach out to our Guild contacts, visit our Discord & view our recruitment presentation.

We’re super excited to work with you!

I am interested in joining

Are you guys still recruiting?