(H) (PvE) <OnlyRaids> Casual Late-Night EST

OnlyRaids is an 18+ PvE guild currently recruiting for it’s overall 25-man team. We are friendly and laid-back, and are all here to have fun playing the game. We accept new and old players alike, and we welcome those still learning the game or their class.

-Raid Information-
We raid Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM EST. Our first 10-man team is already formed, and we are currently 10/11 in Karazhan. At the moment, we are recruiting for our overall 25-man team. We currently need DPS, with preference towards shamans and paladins. Please keep in mind that, unless you are level 70, we cannot guarantee you a raid spot.

-Loot Information-
We will be using a simple MS > OS roll system for Tier 4, with a more intensive BIS-focused loot distribution system starting in Tier 5 onward. Our raid leader will hold master looter during raids, and items will be left up to roll for anyone that needs them.

-Contact Information-
Out of game, you can contact me or my officer Ankhenstein on Discord at either Hat#6167 or Thelnternet#0742. In-game, you can contact either myself (Cowtrax) or Ankhenstein through whisper or in-game mail.