[H] Prot/Ret Paladin LF Morning/Weekend Raiding Guild

P1 BiS in both prot and ret looking for a morning (between 8am-1pm EST/5am-10am PST) or weekend (any time, Sat/Sun) raiding guild. I am attuned to both SSC and TK. Willing to play either spec, provide a seventyupgrade link/logs, and have original TBC experience (through Sunwell) in both DPS and tanking. I’m also willing to switch to holy for the right fit.

Hit me up!

Discord: Thicc#8659

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how early in the morning here on remulos we start at 7pm AEDT which is midnight PST :stuck_out_tongue:

I work until 4-5am PST unfortunately.

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still looking for a guild

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