[H] Priest Looking for a Home

I just transferred over to WrA from a painful under populated server and I’m looking for a new guild to call home!

I’m looking for a place that I can do some casual raiding (AotC is always a bonus), run old content, farm some cute transmog, and meet new people to foster friendships.

Are you recruiting? Let me know! I’m open to any and all opportunities the server has to offer. :slight_smile:


Hi Luci, welcome to Wyrmrest Accord!

I’m not sure if you’re interested in role-play, but WrA has plenty of great content and social guilds alongside the regular RP ones.

First place I’d check is the Guild Directory, then maybe the WrA discord.

I unfortunately am not apart of the WrA discord, but hear a lot of good things come from it. I anticipate someone might swoop in with a link here, soon.

There is also an upcoming guild faire that you might be interested in going to. One of the Vol’kar’s officers was found at one of these - he joined with only a loose interest in role-play, but quickly found that our home was his home and became a great addition to it.

I personally recommend checking out the Brightmoon Faire and Firebrand Enterprises.

Hope this helps - and I’m sure others will be along with their own advice and help! Welcome to WrA - you’re going to have a ton of fun!


Thanks for the shout out, Buliss! Unfortunately, while we do some PvE and social content over at Firebrand Enterprises, our bread and butter is RP and RP accessories. We don’t really do current raid content, for example.

Honestly, most of the guilds on here you see are similarly RP-centric.

That said, if you’re interested in getting into the RP scene, OP, feel free to consider us an option!

Thank you for the shout out Buliss! If you would like to @Luci, come to the guild faire on Saturday and I’m sure you will find many guilds there who might fit the bill. There will be so many, so shop around and find that right fit for ya!