H Priest LF Semi hardcore fun raiding guild!

Hi all! My name is Whitesky and I am a +767 nelf hpriest lf a fun and interesting semi hardcore raiding guild going into tbc but also just to have fun with. I think I bring enough with me to contribute and I’d love to talk to anyone who wants about joining a guild on any pvp server US. I am on quite often as being 16 with nothing to do lets me get into a whole lot of junk. That doesn’t mean I have enough time to guild lead as I found out lol.
Creds are : Guild lead, raid lead/organizer, maintained dkp spreadsheet (for like 2 months that stuffs hard), dumbass kid so lmk if anyone’s interested! Cleared MC, BWL, trio of 20 mans.
Discord is Whitesky#4808.