H-Priest(Former Mythic raider) LF guild


Hey there,

I have been a mythic raider to date and recently re-rolled Holy Priest from a Resto Druid. However, due to timing on work, I cannot raid PST due to being CST. I am a Holy Priest, however, I can play Disc; but only 390 ilvl. Working each day for AP for neck which is 35.

I am looking for a guild that needs a Holy Priest for Heroic and Mythic progression. Alliance preferred. I don’t mind Xfering, money isn’t an issue. I have extensive healing experience from the early days of WoW and I know how to improve my class.

I am currently 4/9 heroic and 5/9 - Pugging is not nice, sadly. However, I am now desperately trying to find a guild that I can help push and work together to achieve each other’s goals.

Shen#1274 is my game tag, it’s easier to message me there!

Thank for the consideration!