[H] <Please Taunt> 2/10M 9/10H SoD T/Th 6 hour/week US 188 Eye

Please Taunt on US-Hyjal is recruiting players to round out our team & who want to push 6 hour raiding to its absolute limits.

Recruiting players who have a very high interest in World of Warcraft in & outside of raid, and enjoy bettering their characters for their own sake and the raid teams sake. We’re honest with people about mistakes and performance, and expect our players to take criticism well. We’re looking for players who share our team mentality, and as long as you’re outgoing and interested in playing the game with us, you’ll be happy playing here.

We do very well for 6 hours a week and expect players to have a group success mentality. Absolutely no room for selfish play. M+ is a big part of our group as well.

We’re looking for a healer (No druids or Monks), a couple DPS, and potentially a Tank to shift around our teams’ players. All of our specific recruitment needs can be found via Wowprogress’ website.

h ttps://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/hyjal/Please+Taunt (remove spaces)

**Tuesday & Thursday **
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm PST

Anything not found on that list is still encouraged to apply. If we do not get back to you, we’re either full or are looking for more competitive players, but we thank you immensely for your time spent looking into raiding with us.

Fill out this very short form if you want to chat with us about playing here.
h ttps://forms.gle/5Arvyfvd1vjxdcHW7 (remove spaces)

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Interested in a holy priest and a ranged?

new thread here we go

No Holy Priests unfortunately, thanks.

Could use more fat boomers

Or gen exers kekW

Ew its vayntrub

What’s everyone up to

Eff monday

Pushing hard for next tier! Come play!

*if servers allow

Sludge does tonight*

Apparently servers do not allow. He dies tomorrow

nvm he died yesterday; 8/10

Hello? Where is everyone

Blizz can you fix servers plz? Lol

Come join us

Sludge died on Tuesday, forgot to update the listing!

Posting so Vogel doesn’t have to talk to himself

TFW Vogel doesn’t respond :worried: