[H] <Pillow Fort> recuriting

Hello all, I come here on behalf of Smolderweb’ s newest guild to bring new members into our growing raid group. Our main raid times are on weekends and we will be doing ZG/dungons/PVP events during the weekdays.

We are dedicated to helping get all our raid members in the best position possible to succeed. This includes free power leveling services for new players and alts, help getting pre raid bis gear and attunements, and help farming mats/consumables/etc.

Now what do I expect from our raiders? I am looking for players with positive vibes, Players that are on time and ready to go, players that are patient and dedicated to progressing and improving each week, and a minimum amount of consumables and buffs ready to go each. Remember, there are 39 other people in a raid group, and we need each and every person in a raid group to be focused and committed during raids to ensure our success.

Now if I have your interest you can leave questions here or message me in game on my Warrior Cantescape. As well as joining our discord at 5ZX8NEk

Raid signups are in the discord and are currently open for all to join in on, so if you just want to come along and have a good time, have an unsaved alt, missed your guild’s raid or come for a test run feel free to join us, we would love to have you.