[H] <Perception Check> | 2/8M | Turalyon - Looking for Raiders!

We are Perception Check, a mythic raiding guild looking for more members to finalize our Battle for Dazaralor mythic raiding roster. If you’re looking for a shot to help us achieve cutting edge in 8.1, you got it.

We raid 8:30p to 11:30p Tuesday and Thursday (Include Monday on new raid progression) EST on the EST Based Turalyon server.
We like to have fun and push keys in the off time but raid time is crack down and get busy looting.

You won’t find a more interesting bunch of people to work your way towards cutting edge with. I promise.

You can contact myself on BNet: Praxi#11394
Or Discord: Praxi#8911

You can apply to our guild (and see our roster) and we can get back in touch with you via our website: PerceptionCheck dot Webflow dot io


Join these cool cats!

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We’re looking for strong DPS applicants of all kinds

Sometimes I just come for the cake.

Smashzero is such a disappointment. Why did he become a wondering realm hopping nomad?

Because hunter.