[H] <Parts Unknown> 9/10 MC 1/1 Ony Recruiting Core

Greetings! Are you looking to clear raid content but don’t have the schedule you did 15 years ago (playing all day everyday lol), we just might be the right fit for you.

The Goal
Parts Unknown is a fast growing Horde guild with plans on clearing Raid content without the burden of committing to a strenuous raiding schedule. The leadership and officers consists of past GMs of successful cutting edge progression guilds looking to keep a casual 1-2 night raiding schedule, while maintaining the player quality to consistently clear.

That being said, we believe community is one of the most crucial aspects of classic wow and we are welcoming players of all level to join us!

Raider Expectation

  • Coming prepared with consumables
  • Showing up early for raid time
  • Have your attunements

Although we have a casual schedule, we still expect our raiders to know their class, come to raid prepared, and effectively use our time in raid to clear content.

Raid Schedule
Monday - 8:00pm - 12:00am (EST) (mostly an extra day)
Wednesday - 8:00pm - 12:00am (EST)

Warrior Any Spec
Shaman Any Spec
Priest (shadow)

English speaking guild chat only

If you are interested whisper anyone online in guild for an invite or add us on Battle net/discord!
Bnet: Bloodbath#1417
Discord: Matt#1460

2nd week of MC 6 bosses down! =) we’re makin our way through. Still need to fill dps slots!