(H) <Paradox> Kromcrush EST Server 2x Raid Groups 13/15 Naxx LF Transfers

Calling all Horde looking to server transfer!

Paradox is looking for:

Tuesday + Thursday 7-10:30pm EST “Dawn” Raid Group (13/15 Naxx):

2-3 Fury Warrior
2 Resto Shaman
1 Holy Priest
1 Fire Mage

Monday + Wednesday 10pm-1am EST “Dusk” Raid Group (13/15 Naxx):

1 Resto Shaman

We are a competitive guild with a friendly atmosphere hoping to solidify our final raid spots. We pride ourselves on speeding up and smoothing out our raid clears each week, all without creating a negative or toxic raid environment. We run a transparent loot council system favoring attendance, ability and effort. We have been a long-lasting guild throughout classic and are hoping to find long-term players moving forward. DM me at Happydjus #8461 on Discord if interested or want more information.