H Pally - Holy Shock Range

With the launch of Wrath, Holy Shock’s range was changed from a flat 20 yards to damage/heal, to be 20 yards to damage and 40 yards to heal. This has not been reflected on the beta. Easy fix.


Hopefully it gets fixed, I’m sure it will.

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Bump. Still not fixed as of the update on 8/3/2022. Patch notes for when Holy Shock was changed can be found below:

Patch 3.0.2

Never really understood the short range for either damage or heal on Holy Shock, considering the cooldown & mana cost. It’s also a pretty lame healing spell to contend with really, but then the Paladin Holy toolbox was awful in Vanilla/TBC.

So there’s that

Oh man you’re sooooo cool. Congrats.