[H] Orc r13 Warrior Transfer LF Raiding Guild

Title says most of it. Playing on Kromcrush currently. Started on the East Coast server with my brother. However, he just quit the game and I’m looking for a West Coast server. Want to change my raid times from 430pm PST to somewhere around 7/730pm PST start times.

The guild I’m currently in (Link to our recruitment: https:// us.forums.blizzard. com/en/wow/t/classic-raiders-lf-1-resto-shaman/615120/10 )has been pushing hard. Looking for something similar.
Kromcrush Server

  • Horde fastest MC in p1/p2 (45min);
  • Horde first 8/8 BWL in p3;
  • Horde 2nd fastest BWL in p3/p4 (31min);
  • Horde first 9/9 AQ40 in p5.

This is the type of guild I’d like to join.

I main as DPS but will be our 3rd or 4th tank sometimes. I know all the fights well enough to Raid Lead (which I don’t want to do :slight_smile:) Always have full world buffs and consumes. Know my class and others very well.

Logs: https:// classic.warcraftlogs. com/character/us/kromcrush/crushington
9/2/20 AQ40 I kept lagging out so don’t judge me off the last nights run :smiley:

HMU on here or drop me a message in Discord Trichome#5782