[H] OG HWL 375 SV Hunter LF PvP / Rated BG Guild


Quick Intro: I recently came back to WoW in BFA after mainly leaving during WoLK and joining for a brief stint in Cataclysm to see the major revamped zones. BFA lured me back after 8 years with the renewed vigor of the Alliance vs Horde conflict. Although BFA has its issues with War Mode; I always have it on and love to PvP. After skipping many of the developments in PvP and Battlegrounds; I fell at home in the BFA PvP scene and quickly learned the strategies of 10 years worth of new BGs.

However, Rated BG’s and Arena are extremely gated at the moment which is a problem with someone who has not played in numerous years. Although my lapse, I have found PvP fun and challenging and my skill level being muscle memory. As I credit myself with creating the “Melee” hunter in vanilla running for HWL- coming back to see that there is an actual Melee hunter spec (even though I guess it was revamped in Legion) secured my interest in BFA. I also play BM secondary to SV; but SV is my calling.

As I am sad to see they brought the High Warlord tag back for others to earn (my exclusivity diminishing) and share the OG transmog with people who did not earn it way back when - I am looking for a home to run Rated BGs, Arena, World PvP, and any sort of PvP of the like and to earn the latest High Warlord title with my new family.

As I am looking for something casual; I know arena and rated bg’s can be fairly serious (just trying to join the YOLO and other LFG groups as a pug) - I am ready for a more serious take if required.

For the Horde
For the Banshee Queen
High Warlord Blue


Heyo, welcome back to BFA. Now I wanted to shoot ya my btag which is SpareLyric#1417. Hand of Algalon is always looking for individuals such as yourself friend. We are a PVE PVP RP guild that dabbles in everything and we are currently gathering more and more pvpers. We have many who enjoy their arenas, killing in WPVP, and we host gurubashi events for the server to compete for fun. I would love to discuss with you some details, get to know you, and see if you would be potentially interested. Thank you and I hope you have a dandy day!