[H] OCE Guild LF Players Fresh Wotlk Server

|Socks and Sandals| Oceanic based PvE oriented guild recruiting members and raiders for Fresh Wotlk pvp servers. Our goals are to complete all content in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining a level of fun and allowing the freedom for players to choose what they want without having to align themselves to metaplay and parse culture. We expect all players to do everything they can with their class/role to be as equipped and proficient as possible going into the raids.

Faction: Horde, PVP server

All Roles available! As we get closer to Pre-patch and Wotlk launch we will be focused on creating our raid team of three 10mans and one 25man ASAP filled with players who are eager to learn and help each other progress. Alt raids will occur and a second team will open up as we gain players and their is a demand for more raid teams but the priority will be a focused main team to begin.

Raid Night/Times TBD — Proposed raid nights will be Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun roughly 7pm AEST/Server time. Raiding 1-2 nights a week, cutting down to 1 when content is farmable turning 2nd night into optional.

All are welcome to join! See you on the new Fresh servers.
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