(H) Occult, mafia, black market, or similar style guilds? Putting out feelers for this character

Just what the post says :slight_smile: I’m coming up with a concept for this character (x_https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/trying-to-get-back-into-rpthink-of-an-idea-for-a-goblin-shadow-priest-helpopinions/696073/8 ) and am wondering what kind of guilds out there might be a fit.

  • Anything with a cult or occult (investigating the supernatural) might be a fit

  • Crime/mafia or black market style guilds could also work

  • Prefer guilds that have an 18+ rule, not because I hate younger RPers but because I prefer more mature themes that may not be suitable for younger crowds

  • I’m a parent and adult IRL, so any guilds that allow for a rather casual play schedule?

Thanks all!

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Have you looked into Firebrand Enterprises? I’m not a member, but I’ve seen them around a fair bit. Their longevity speaks for their activity, no doubt.

I’m not sure whether they’re black market or just corporate in nature, but might be a fit for your character?


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Working on something for Alliance, but as far as I’m aware of no guild like this advertises themselves. If they exist, they’re in the shadows.


I have seen them around and am planning to check out their website, but I figured I’d cast a net to see what other guilds might be lurking around, too. I’m half-tempted to turn this guy into either some kind of cultist OR an occult detective type.

If I can’t find that sort of them, he can still fit into some kind of criminal or business organization as well, and become a black market dealer of various illicit hallucinogens’ and such.

Hey! Check this out:


While I’m not sure some are still active, there’s a few guilds that are kindaaa what you’re looking for.

The Oyster Business, Raven Collective, Gearpunk Dynamics, Soulshatter Cult, Macabre Mask are just a few!

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From what I can tell on the guild profile pages via the WoW search, many of those haven’t had much activity for several months. BUT they could just be lurking and not doing much progression content, so I’ll try to contact some of those folks as well and see if any of those guilds are still active. Thanks!

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