[H] <Notorious> 12/12M | W/Th/Su | 8-11 EST | RANGED/HEALER

Werk Werk Bump Bump

new week new bump :slight_smile:

New stuff new bump bump on the bump

still looking for exceptional ranged DPS

Update for Drest’agath down, looking for ranged DPS and a full-time tank

Bump for the bumpers

Bump bump the house is bumping

Bumperino No

bump bump the house is bumping

bumper stiltskin

Bump for the chosen one

Bump for the boys

Bumping it up

10/12 now!

This is the way


I agree with the aforementioned messages

Looking for mages!

Werking on carapace, still have spots that can be filled

Bumping up, starting our push through Carapace and N’zoth!