[H] Nope - 5/10M

Nope is a Zul’jin guild looking for like minded people to push for CE while raiding on 6 hours a week. We are primarily composed of friends that have raided across various guilds that have cleared the highest level of content together, and don’t plan on stopping.

We’re looking for players that are able to enjoy themselves while playing the game at a high level. Our core understands when it’s time to have fun and when to buckle down and clear content.

We’re looking for:

Elemental Shaman

H. Pally
Disc Priest
R. Shaman
MW monk
R. Druid

We do not currently have any room for melee spots

and any exceptional players, feel free to apply.

Schedule: Tues/Thurs 8pm - 11pm EST
Voice: Discord
Loot: Loot Council… Oh wait

If you’re interested please fill out this form Nope Google Form
have any Q’s, add us on btag and we can go from there.

Bnet: Silenth#1610 - Officer
Nuke#1864 - Officer
Pace#1336 - GM


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Looking for damage dealers still.

Added Mage to the list. Come be a wizard please.

added lazerchickens, come pray to RNG for moons

We want more damage.

Still looking for 1-2 more damage dealers.

Still looking for the damage.

still looking for more

WTB Slapper for SLG prog.

LF Friends to fill the void in our hearts (and raid team)

We need raiders and iron bars

Really looking for damage, steadily progging through SLG

Still looking for more people, SLG looking like should Die next week and then onto Daddy Den

WTB more homies that like doing damage to bosses

Hopefully SLG dies this week, then starting some den prog, who wants to prog with us?

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LF more friends still

Still looking for damage dealers

Stone legion generals dead; 9/10M for first tier of raiding! Looking for folks to round out the roster for 9.1.

9.1 Announced we are still looking for new friends

Hey there! 9/10M from a guild that is disbanding so looking for a new guild. I played Resto Shaman but I also play Havoc, Warrior, Ele, and have almost every class available for next tier. I submitted an app on Google forms. Hit me up on bnet if you want to talk more. Have a friend or two who would also be interested.