[H] New to server - LF active, social guild

Hi everybody! I recently moved to WrA and am looking for a guild. Personally, I don’t RP; however, I’ve come to love the aesthetic and what it brings to the world; hence my move. I’m looking for a guild that’s relatively active with members willing to teach me how to M+.

I’ve played WoW for many years and would consider myself a bit of an altoholic. My “main” is probably Casiopya, although I also have a druid, mage, and DH on the server. Despite playing on WrA, I do live in the midwest and am on EST, if that matters. My playtime is typically most weekday evenings and weekends, as long we’re home.

I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!

Welcome to the server! We’ve actually been getting a lot of people introducing themselves on the forum this week. It’s nice to see.

As far as guilds go, we have several active ones on the server. Check out the Guild Directory.

While we’re mostly RP guilds here, there’s still plenty that run PvE content to be found.

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Thank you so much! I didn’t see this before :stuck_out_tongue: