[H] NERVous Horde LF heroic heals and DPS

(Druidicus) #1

Hello all. Due to several people having to drop out of raiding due to new job and health issues, we’re looking to recruit a few new faces for heroic raiding progression and the new Crucible raid. While we are looking for heals and DPS, we’d definitely still chat with a tank especially if they had an alt spec.

Currently, we are H5/9 and AOTC all other raids and x-pacs. Our raid days are Tues->Thurs. If you’re interested in a long standing guild that has been around since the start, please read below.

We are one of the oldest, active horde guilds on our server-Bloodhoof. Bloodhoof is an original launch server that even had its original server blade put up for auction. We’ve been around since 2004 and have been raiding since the MC days. We are looking for consistent and talented people to raid during BFA. Our tanks are pretty much set but we are open to DPS and limited heals (DPS with off spec healing is glorious). We have a great history on our server (including #1 progressed horde side guild in MOP) and have been nothing short of a respectful group of people for 14 years. If you are looking for a solid group to raid with, and enjoy the game in the process, visit nerv-clan(dot)com - use our #guild-apps channel on Discord discord(dot)gg/pe6DXFw - or message me on Bnet.

Thank you - NapalmDawn#1157


We are also 1/2N CoS.

(Druidicus) #3

2/2 now after weird tripod dude died.