[H] Needs More Cowbell (10/11N 3/11H)

[H] Needs More Cowbell (10/11N 3/11H) is a small Casual Mythic raiding guild focused on progressing as far as we can in current content while maintaining a good balance between Azeroth and the real world.

As such we expect our raiders to be on the ball and prepared to make the most of our limited raid time. For the right kind of person, Cowbell will be a fun, cruisy gaming community where you can get progression kills and push keys with your friends without sacrificing work duties or your social life.

We raid Thursdays and Sundays from 7pm Server until 10pm Server.

We encourage high attendance, although obviously life happens, so we run a small bench as well to allow for flexibility.
We have the remaining positions open for our Core Mythic team atm:

Havoc DH
Demo Lock

All remaining classes and specs are still encouraged to apply. The right players will always have a place here.

If you have any questions or to talk to someone about joining our community; contact us at:

 Bae:               Oilad:

Battle.net: Baelther#1326 Oilad#6206
Discord: Baelther#8781 Oilad#0612

on the rebuild so happy to help gear up the right people!

Updated with current recruiting needs.

Edited to reflect current needs.

Still chasing another healer and some ranged DPS. Maybe a Havoc DH.

Updated to reflect current recruitment needs.

Looking for people who want to prog raid and push keys for 9.2!

Just chasing these last few casters for our Mythic squad!

Looking for a Mage, Demo Lock and Spriest to round out our team. Another boomy might not go astray either.

Updated with current recruitment needs.

Chasing 1 or two more Casters for our Mythic team!

Updated to reflect current needs.

Updated with current recruitment needs.

Chasing another couple Caster DPS for our Mythic Core.

Editing with current recruitment needs.

9.2 is finally coming!

Chasing Spriest with Healer OS/Boomy with Healer OS.

Updated with current recruitment needs.

Just chasing one or two more Caster DPS to round out the squad.

Just chasing a DH, Demo Lock and Boomy now.