[H] <Naughty Secrets> Recruiting for Shadowlands (AOTC Focused)

Raid Days & Times:

Wednesday - 8pm - 10pm server (CST)

Friday - 7pm - 10pm server (CST)


We are open to all class/specs, and are looking for a couple more healers and players with tank off-specs for M+ groups/raid fill-ins.


Naughty Secrets is a laid back, drama-free, adult guild looking to recruit new, current, and returning active players searching for a home for Shadowlands. Our goal is to build a solid raid team for Castle Nathria’s opening, and return to being an AOTC guild. We lost a lot of people to real life and BFA burnout, and are hoping to come back strong in Shadowlands.

We accept social players, raiders, friends and family. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing since vanilla, or are just starting and still figuring out your way through the game. Play what you enjoy and come learn with us.

We understand that sometimes life happens, whether it’s due to work, family, etc. There are no penalties if you decide to raid with us and can’t make every raid night. We are people-focused, rather than number-focused, preferring to get to know our members and provide a personable and social space to enjoy the game in. While adult language and good-natured teasing and humor is accepted in guild chat and discord, we do not condone harassment or toxicity of any kind and discourage bringing politics and religion into our chats.


Discord for listening (talking is encouraged but not required) and for guild information


A good attitude, willingness to learn mechanics

What to Expect:

Normal and Heroic raiding with a goal of AOTC each raid tier

Mythic + groups aiming for Keystone Master

Torghast, old content transmog and achievement runs, guild lotteries and raffles

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, feel free to reply here, use the contact information below, or apply through the in-game guild finder.

Vaehra – Nazgrel / Narylka#2312 (Discord) / Narylka#1101 (BNet)

Kassena - Nazgrel / Kassena#8796 (Discord) / Creamy#1108 (BNet)

(Edited for current info)