[H] <Natural Mail Enhancement> 2/12M 12/12H ~~ M Ny'alotha Progression ~~ Shadowlands

Natural Mail Enhancement is a Horde guild on the US server Thrall. The raid group formed in April of 2020, and has built up a core group of 17 dedicated players. We progressed through 12/12H + 2/12M Ny’alotha together while having a good time yet still focusing on progression. And we would love to find those last key players to finish filling up our mythic raid team.

What We Need:
1 Healers - Pally/Priest
2 Ranged - Warlock/Hunter/Mage/Balance Druid
2 Melee - Death Knight/Rogue/Warrior/Feral Druid

Raid Times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30pm - 11:30pm(EST).

We provide food, flasks, potions, and any other raid necessities. We only ask that you download Discord, the required add-ons, and have your character setup with the correct essences, talents, and azerite traits. We are more than willing to help new players become “raid ready.”

We also run Warcraft Logs, and if you would like to review ours they are available to the public.

For interest in joining please catch one of us online at one of these Battle.net ID’s:

You can also message us on Discord:

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Neeed some Fat Dps

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Fat deeps and good heals!

Hello! If you guys are still in need of a DPS I am 12/12H Hunter looking for guild that pushes into Mythic progression and does M+ and all around good times:)

BattleTag: checkyoursix#1597

Hey @yungreenbean, we could most certainly use another hunter, sorry for the delayed response. I added you on Bnet mine is Jack#13373. We love to chat with you soon!

Looking for a few more solid dps for mythic prog! Could also use more for M+ and casual play! (:wink:

Just need 1 or 2 more to fill up that roster!

Still looking for solid dps for mythic progression.