[H] Nagrand <ALAMAK> CE Guild 7/9M AtDH GMT+8 2145-0015 Recruiting DPS and Heals

Bump! Pm to discuss

Bump! still finding raiders

bump. come hang out!

bump… still looking for more!

Bump still recruiting DPS (except hunters)

Bump! still looking for moar!

thanks for your applications we are still looking for moor enthusiastic players to join us

keep them coming

bump! still looking for more

bump… still looking for more to hang out

bump. still recruiting!

bump… still lookin for moar!

7/10 M now and still looking for range dps!

Hey i’d be keen to join, 60 warrior on Nagrand looking for a guild to raid with, tried to add you both but you’re digits are incorrect apparently.

MrSandyDude#1725 thats me, send me a buzz

Hi there. added u!

Bump… still looking!

Mmmm I’ve sent bnet request a few times… Are u referring to your discord tag? Let me try sending discord. or u can try my bnet tag Stoen#1418

road to 9.2 and beyond!

merry xmas all

Paging Mr SandyDude… still looking for ya… i can be contacted at bnet Stoen#1418
or in game nick seft-nagrand. i have added u on both bnet and discord on that nick.
still recruiting moar!

Recruiting Mage and Warrior