[H] Nagrand <ALAMAK> CE Guild 7/9M AtDH GMT+8 2145-0015 Recruiting DPS and Heals

ALAMAK is a GMT+8 late night raiding guild on Nagrand/Caelestrasz/Saurfang(Horde).

Current Recruitment
We are on the lookout for the following for our core mythic team:
Rdps : Mage and Boomy. Full on Warlock
Mdps : Warrior and Feral
Heal : All exceptional raiders considered

Don’t see your class or spec? If you have exceptional raiding experience and wish to join us, we’re keen to explore! Recruitment is closed for warlock.

Our Raid Timings
Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 2145-0015 GMT+8 time (Sg/Perth time, Invites go out at 2130)
2345-0215 Server Time/AEST
Ad hoc casual/farm/alt Fri or Sat

Interested applicants may reach out to bnet Sirana#1517

bump. we are still recruiting!

still looking for more to fill up our ranks, inquire within!

bump… still looking for H pally and warlock… all other classes considered.

thanks for the PMs, still looking for more

bump… come hang out and raid

Bump! Do PM anyone in game.

Bump! Do Pm Jaggerage- Nagrand in game do discuss

Bump. Currently 2/10M and still recruiting.

Bump! Do PM or apply in game!

Bump! still looking for warlock and mages.

Bump! Still looking for mage/warlock!

Bump still looking!

bump! still looking for warlock and mage to raid with us.

bump… still looking for more to raid with us.

bump… looking for heals to hang out with

bump! still recruiting!

Bump! PM to discuss

bump! still looking for raiders to hang out with

bump! still looking for more!