[H] Mutiny - Whitemane Recruitment Thread (Paying for Xfers)


Raid Days: PST / Server time
Farm content - Tues/Wed @ 730 - 1130pm
Progression - Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 730 - 1130 pm

Warcraft Logs
Top 1% boss kill speeds


Big emphasis on Boss kill speed / parsing, we don’t compete in speed running its just a side affect of us performing well. We’re just a bunch of retards that like to pump and see big numbers. We all take pride in how well we all do from boss to boss and overall raid performance.

Looking for gamers who are motivated to improve and drop 100%'s!


We’re open to recruiting all Exceptional players that know their class and role within each fight, if you are able to improve and take constructive criticism please reach out to us!

Available raider spots:
Resto druid
Shadow Priest

  • We’re currently recruiting for our bench as well, if right now you’re interested in raiding without the commitment of having to show up each week, reach out to me and lets talk!

If you’re interested in joining please Contact me on discord @ Bussystwike#5865

Looking for Good players always

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