[H] <Mutiny> recruiting for mythic raids and keys

Mutiny is looking for more players to join us for our mythic raid team and keys.

We are a relatively new guild, but many of our players are wow veterans going all the way back to Vanilla with a lot of experience doing end game content of all types. We understand that with real life and everything else that goes on, people can’t be on all the time or raid 5 times a week. But we believe that we can enjoy the game efficiently and still achieve a lot even if we aren’t playing all the time. We like to think of ourselves as casual gamers, but still good at what we do.

We are currently 1/10 M, 10/10 H and raid Wed and Fri from 7-10 pm server. Managed to get our first mythic kill without 20 people in raid, so we can use more people!

Currently looking for the following:
Druid, balance or heals, could really use a balance druid
Priest, dps or heals, we have no priest in our raid
Hunter, again for some strange reason, we have no hunters in our guild
DK, any dps that can provide AMZ and do mechanics!
Rogue, never can have too many rogues!

Any good dps or heals are welcome to apply, we are very flexible and will find a way to fit you in. As the saying goes, bring the player not the class.

We also do lots of keys and most of our core group either have KSM or are getting close. We do lots of 14s and 15s each week to get the 226 loot. If you want the Sintouched Deathwalker, we can help with that too.

In addition, we do PVP, achievements, Torghast, and all sorts of other in-game activities as a guild. So if you want a fun place to hang out, come check us out. We run an alt raid on Mondays, and everyone is welcome.

We also have a fun discord to hang out. There you can meet Kalica and her winning personality. Listen to Elmer talk about the meaning of life. Our usual share of people from Canada. People as far away as New Zealand.

And if you’re a casual that just want a place to hang out, you are welcome as well.

If interested, reach out to us

Rigge, dreasy11902 <-- Our awesome raid leader
Kalica, hokipoki1278 <-- Our awesome GM
Cyndraelia, Zvrehtvall1417 <-- Our awesome recruiter

Can also apply in-game if interested. Just search for our guild name: Mutiny

Let the fun begin!


You should be one of us! One of us!

This is a bump.
A bump this is.

Got a few, still looking for more. If you want to raid and do keys in a laid back guild, come join us!

Still looking for more! We are 10/10H now and very ready to jump into mythic once we have the people.

Looking for more! Let’s run some M+ and raids together. We also have fun doing achieves, tmog runs, mount runs etc.

Still looking. If you want to get into mythic raiding and your KSM, come join us!

Killing heroic Sire every week now. Still looking for more awesome dps to join us. Will time your 15 keys for free :smiley:

Good Evening, I was wondering if you were still looking for A hunter for your progression team. I finished this tier (10/10H) as a vdh but my guild is diwindling every week so I am looking for a new home. Kingstonde#1787 is my btag for further reach out.

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Still looking for more good players.

Applied in-game

Still looking for more who want to get AOTC and start mythic raiding. Also got a big key push week coming up. Come join the fun.

Still looking for more!

Bump for more!