[H] Morning Raiding | <Heroic> US-Mankrik | 54/54 | Semi-Hardcore

Beta raid testing, getting closer

Looking for some nice pala and priest healers

yoo whats this

Requirements updatd

You get what you put in, if you put in the effort the rest of the guild will do the same and we will wreck content and have fun in the morning. While we really want you if your talented, scrubs get no love here!

updated demands

Vacancies updated

LF some paladins!

Come join us

Looking for some final spots for TBC

Still looking for the last few team members

Sent discord requests and joined your discord. Game name is Byurr. Currently a lvl 62 holy priest. Thanks

Thanks for reaching out our healing officer will contact you ASAP

Come join us

Our group of healers are some bad mofos, we need 1 more to tie in our tight knit group. If you haven’t raided in the morning and are considering it, totally beats the heck out of evening raids as we have better attendance or more sober people than evening raid times.

Seriously though if your a prepared healer who shows up week in week out we want you.

updated demands

Hey I’m definitely interested. Contacting via discord . Thank you

Updated, high priority for shadow priest and paladin tank

LF some dps

Demands updated