[H] Morning Raiding | <Heroic> US-Mankrik | 54/54 | Semi-Hardcore

[H] Heroic | US-Mankrik | Morning Raids | Semi-Hardcore | Loot Council

Raid Schedule:

Weekday team: Wed/Thu 9:15am - 12:15pm (US-East) + Mon for prog
Weekend team: Sat/Sun 9:00am – 12:00pm (US-East)

Ulduar Raid Week 6: 54/54 progression points
ToC Raid Week 1: 5/5 Heroic

T7 Glory 10 & 25
T8 Glory 10 & 25

Classic and TBC: Cleared all content pre-nerf.

About Us:

We are a US-East morning (Wed to Thu 9:15am to 12:15pm US-Mankrik Server Time, Friday and Monday as additional progression days if needed) semi-hardcore guild who primarily focus on raiding. We have cleared every raid in Classic and in TBC pre-nerf and we do not require any PTR practice for our raiders.

We are by no means sweaty hardcore parse-focus guild, but we aim to have efficient clears in all raids with minimal downtime. We list some of our expectations of raiders below and in turn you can see if it is the environment you would like to raid in:

  1. Be active - we want guildies to be online regularly to do 5 men and 10 men content during non raid days. If you are a raid logger then we are not suitable for you.
  2. Be prepared for raids - full consumables during progression, read up on tactics, show up on time. That also means you should find ways to get gold to support your own raiding.
  3. Know your class - you are expected to play your character well without any external help.
  4. No loot whoring - we know everyone plays WoW for those epics, but there are just a finite number that drops per raid and 25 raiders to go around. If you didn’t win it this time round, wait for the next time. If you expect you get every BIS piece on first drop then we are not suitable for you.

Loot Distribution:

We run a full loot council system for 25 men raids and MS>OS group loot for 10 men raids. We strive to be as fair and transparent as possible to avoid drama. Rewards are based on raid performance, attendance, loot history and general raiding attitude.

We are always interested in speaking to exceptional candidates for all roles, currently we have high demand for:
Weekday: Caster DPS, DK, Hunter
Weekend: Mage

High performing candidates of any class are encouraged to apply

If you’re interested in joining us and want to learn more:

GM: Avengeance (Weekday)
taviam (Discord)

Co-GM: Phaats (Weekday)
phats (Discord)

Co-GM: Remo (Weekend)
remoxjavwatcher (Discord)

Guild discord: nXn9DmtMqF


A great man once said “There ain’t nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind”.

Come join the TBC grind.


TBC in the morning!

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Looking for the last few players to fill out the team

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Come join us

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Vacancies updated

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You looking for a great tbc hunter? I’ve raided tbc content on many tbc servers in the past few years :slight_smile:

Coachsneaky#2382 Is my discord name

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Looking for HPriest or HPallies.

to the top!

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Beta time!!


Hey Karen, you know what day it is??? BUMMPP DAAAY

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Don’t you want the opportunity to run with the Bigdog himself? Bigflex?


If your looking for High End morning raid team and you like to heal, come talk to us.

Vacancies updated

To the top!!!

Open spots updated

waits patiently for pre patch

Interested in playing Resto Druid.

BTag - No1kn0wz#1886

Vacancies updated

Are hunters good yet?