<H> Morning Guilds?

Hey guys, I am a lvl 60 Orc Hunter looking to transfer servers to EST time zone. I have a very particular schedule needing to be met. I am usually online playing from about 8am til around 11:30am, sometimes 12:20pm due to work. On Mondays I will usually play up until around 3:30pm. I am making this post on a few different server threads to see what is the best option for me. If there are any guilds that raid around this time, please advise. I am willing to transfer immediately.

uh oh…


Go away. How about you stay put.

Thanks for the help guys

Kromcrush has gotten a bit toxic towards horde xfers. We are the dominant faction already.

That being said. I cant think of any early morning horde guilds. Perhaps scour the guild listings forums? Search with the key word “Morning”.
Hope this helps!

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I believe I may have found one, now only if the server isn’t locked. I appreciate the feedback man, have a good day!

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Good luck my dude