[H] <MODEST> 8/8 BWL (1Hr BWL & MC) | T-W 5:30-8:30PST

[H-Whitemane] < Modest > 8/8 BWL (1HR MC) | Semi-Hardcore | T-W 5:30-8:30PST

About Us:
< Modest > consists of a core group of players that love to be competitive with our goals but realistic with our lives. We are 11/11(1HR MC) semi-hardcore guild. Our members’ experience spans across the sweatiest classic raiding, retail cutting edges, multi-time gladiators, as well as some newer players to the game. We’re semi-hardcore, meaning our goal is to be efficient in-game since, the majority of us are young professionals that have other obligations outside of the game. We are understanding if real life happens, that always has priority over a game to us.

Who we’re looking for:
Our players’ personality is important to us, we’re always in discord, playing other games, or getting drunk hosting stupid tournaments together. We don’t tolerate racism, or ignorance. We are all just trying to clap some bosses cheeks, and vibe.

We distribute loot by loot council, with guest members from the raid roster to cast their vote each week.

Molten Core - 10/10 ( :55Min Clear)
Blackwing Lair - 8/8 ( :59Min Clear)
Zul’Gurub - 10/10

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 5:30-8:30PM Server (8:30-11:30EST)
Wednesday: 5:30-8:30PM Server (8:30-11:30EST)

(Copy without the underline)


Druid (Resto) – Closed   |   Druid (Bear) – Closed
Hunter – Closed
Mage – Closed
Priest (Heal) – Medium   |   Priest (Shadow) – Closed
Rogue – Low
Shaman (Resto) – Medium  |   Shaman (Enhance) – Closed
Warlock – Closed
Warrior (Fury) – High  |   Warrior (Prot) – Closed


Contact Info:
Alez – Alezi#1197 | (Discord: Alez#4828)
Keys – Kawkeyes#1385 | (Discord: Keys#2324)
Akku – Liltomtucker#1240 | (Discord: liltommytucker#7876)

looking to fill a few more spots with quality players

Opening recruitment back up!

come join us for some fun in zg. reach out over disc!

looking for more for AQ in the future

Now with ZG out AQ is fast approaching. Looking for a few more good players to fill our roster. Also we are alt friendly. Many of us have high level alts and are leveling other alts

Come say hi in game or over disc if you are interested in learning more!

Lets get ready to bop some AQ!

cool group of people, lots of fun times! come say whats up :slight_smile:

AQ coming soon. Great group of peeps to play with

Need a couple more healers and warriors

Looking for any rogues that are 163% prepared to go after Scarab Lord?

Harpell for sure!

Check in with us today to see if its a good fit! always looking for more cool people!