[H] <Modest> 15/15 (One night clears) Naxxramas (0:55 AQ40 & 36Min BWL) | T-W 5:30-8:30PST

Great Guild 10 outta 10 would recommend

also i got the best lion heart helms in town tell your friends!

I should get my PC back on Monday

Sorry I don’t have discord on my phone

Still looking for some peeps!

I’m glad Azaz is back after he got his PC Fixed. Guild could use a few more people for AQ

need some big bois

come join us for AQ and have some good times!

Need 1 Hunter, come kick it!

I joined this guild and now I have HUGE pectoral muscles.

Shoot us a message if you too want HUGE pectoral muscles!

Looking for a PEW PEW gun/bow slayer.

come be a part of a great guild on our journey in the whitemane server

AQ Launching Friday!

looking for a couple more!

Was trying to check your logs out but shows only 6/9

Have you guys not killed 8/9 like advertised?

Looking for some new friendly faces! It’s nice to have a great group of people enjoying playing with each other that share a common goal and work hard to achieve it. Logs were private for some reason but that was just fixed to show we dont need to lie or hide about it.

Are you checking the correct logs? We are 100% 8/9.

Looking to fill out our ranks a bit more, reach out on discord if you would like to talk!

ayyy come kick it!


come pop some quality 360s with us on our bug mounts in AQ40!

come join and have some fun, need some more bug killers!