[H] Mistweaver Monk LF Casual AoTC


Looking for a community/raid team for a 408 Mistweaver Monk. I have achieved BoD AoTC on my H Pally, but the team decided to disband due to lack of interest in BFA and I have enjoyed playing my Monk. I am 2/2 N CoS.

Please note: My Monk is in a casual guild on Zul’jin with friends and I would like to leave it there. However, to show my commitment more than willing to move a different toon, say resto druid, into the guild any server horde.

Overall, I want a home. Not just some group to raid with. I’d really like to connect with some folks. BFA has hit my friends list hard, which is really disappointing. Folks who play other games such as the Division 2, Ark, Destiny, etc would be great to meet.

More Details:

  • Looking for a “core” healing spot. No interest in being bench player or playing DPS at all
  • Preferred Raid times no more than 2 nights Monday through Thursday starting 8PM Eastern or later.
  • Horde only please.
  • Looking for a relaxed stress free environment full of adults who have fun while taking pride in knowing their class and performing as well as they can. Looking for a team with a solid well communicating raid lead who understands people make mistakes but they can be learned from to improve.
  • I enjoy smaller environments so would welcome a smaller team, but pretty open
  • Can provide logs for my pally showing AoTC as well as what I have done on my Monk which is 7/9 Heroic.
  • I am a near 100% attendance raider, who can communicate ahead of time when I am not available. I have AoTC every tier since I started playing in WoD. I work diligently to perform well at my class, partner with my teammates, and know the fights

Will monitor this post

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Not sure if we are what you are looking for but I figured I would give it a go. I am the raid assist of the Stone Guard raid team in Crimson Onslaught on Thrall server. We are currently filling our team to finish up H and push into Mythic. Currently we are 7/9 H with some close pulls on Stormwall and the leads are 2/2H CoS. We are a 2 day team that is focused on pushing content in a more relaxed environment. We understand mistakes happen and we can learn from them but if the same mistake happens consistently it will need to be addressed in one form or another. We have a full time healer spot opened for the right fit, Druid or Monk both would be welcomed. We are a larger guild but have a welcoming environment. Our members are active outside of raid doing M+ runs alt raids and battle grounds/arena.
If this sounds like something you may be interested in or if you have more questions feel free to add my battle tag and we can talk more.

Good morning Ametheros! Hubris has two aotc+ raid groups, an active discord, bustling key community and imo a pretty good vibe :). We are in need of a good holy priest If you have one of those lying about :slight_smile: hit me up if you wanna talk, take care!

Hi Ametheros. Check our guild out – it looks like we might be a good fit for you, if you’re interested in transferring to Area 52. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions.

Evolved Gaming - Horde - Area 52

We are always looking for new members to come and join our age 18+, multi-gaming community!

We are currently rounding out our raid team on the Horde side of things, and there’s room for you! We are currently working through Heroic (7/9H). We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-10:30pm EST (optional additional hour on Thursdays).

Not into raiding? No problem. We are doing mythic plus dungeons for people coming together as a guild. Questing, leveling, etc. etc.! For other information please check out the thread below.

Any questions, feel free to come find me on Discord - Nystera#3611.

Hi Ametheros.

Devierum is a one-night heroic only raid guild looking for a couple players to solidify our roster. We run a small group, currently 11 people, most of whom have played this game together since vanilla/bc.

We raid Thu 8-1230 Eastern time and do m+ once or twice during the week for those interested. We have already cleared BoD and Crucible heroic this tier, so will likely be doing a mix of farming and m+ until new content comes out.

Raid environment is generally relaxed. We do expect people to research fights beforehand and play their class above average since small raid balance is typically bad.

If interested in talking further my btag is wyle#1840, or wyle#8793 in discord.