[H] <Milkshake> (CE-FOCUS) 3/10M 10/10 H needs you! T/W/TH

Where are those hunters and DKs?

We gamble during break, I need more people to take gold from.

Chugga chugga x4, then Choo-choo

Maximum need for hunter and dk

Still in need of hunters and DKs!

Come see what the hype is about

Your cake is in another castle.

Come get your purp!

If you’re looking for an awesome mythic raiding guild you found it!

Come run De Other Side with us

Join us and get CE!

Upperoo! <3

Looking for some healers, come talk to me

bumping it up!

Still progging and still recruiting

Come get the loots.

come in for destroyer prog!

they have a guy named pajama sam, what a cool name

Come heal us!

Still looking for a cute RShaman