[H] <Milkshake> (CE-FOCUS) 3/10M 10/10 H needs you! T/W/TH

Why haven’t you applied yet?

Mythic loot starting to roll in! :smiley:

Get in on some progress

Come back from the holiday to hit Mythic hard.

Get in these DMs resto shamans.

Immediate need for resto shaman and hunter/mage for mythic Huntsman prog

Get your trial started as early as tonight!

2/10 mythic now!

2/10 and still going!

i hear we want a resto shaman, memes are solid here


Sire H down today :slight_smile: going places!

Looking for more to join our guild and progress!

Toon Name: Manzz
Class: Holy Pally
Faction: HORDE
Cleared: 9/10H
Btag: Manz#11742
Link -raider.io/characters/us/thrall/Manzz
Logs: -warcraftlogs.com/character/id/30029474
I have other mythic Logs on Resto Shaman and Holy Paladin
Availability: All 7pm-1130est

Need an Unholy DK and a Hunter

Where are those hunters and DKs?

We gamble during break, I need more people to take gold from.

Chugga chugga x4, then Choo-choo

Maximum need for hunter and dk

Still in need of hunters and DKs!

Come see what the hype is about

Your cake is in another castle.